By Paramahamsa Hariharananda

The meaning of the Kriya Yoga symbol is: the two brackets represent the two eyebrows. And above them in the middle, there is just like an eye; this is the third eye, in the pituitary. If you remain above the eyebrows, and keep your attention above the pituitary, that is the only way to reach God. If you fix your attention above the pituitary, above the two eyebrows, and calmly remain there with a short breath, then in your every breath you will get God-realization. Your mind will remain in the third eye, then although you are doing material work, you will feel that "I am not doing the work, work is coming from the pituitary."

But this Kriya Yoga symbol means that Truth is not below the eyebrow, not in the material world; spiritual work is only there, above the eyebrows, with the short breath. You are to watch your every breath and feel "O my Almighty Father, You are so kind to me, you have given me extreme power".

So in every breath you should give love to Him, because you are doing work. You have some experience about it. So you love God. So in every moment you love God, thank God that you are still alive. I am also still alive, at my age of 89. I am talking with you with the finest brain. So if you practice Kriya Yoga you will live long, you will eat moderate food, and you will have everything. This is the place, above the eyebrows, where you can get God-realization. Then, you are to go to the fontanelle, where is the Supreme Almighty Father, Who is above the gross body, perishable body, above the imperishable body also - He is the Supreme Almighty Lord, All-Pervading, Formless and Omniscient and everywhere. He is remaining compassionately detached everywhere, but He is helping the people to do the work.
Thank you very much. I want to bow all human beings. God.

God is remaining detached. As the sun rises and remains detached while activating every work in the world, similarly the Soul is remaining detached. The Imperishable power of God, the Formless, is remaining compassionately detached in the pituitary and is helping you. If you go and stand in front of the mirror and show your hand, the mirror will show the hand. Then if you leave, no impression will remain in the mirror.

And if a second person comes and stands in front of the same mirror, no impression of the first person remains in the mirror. Similarly, this is the third eye where you are fixing your attention.

This is the place I am talking from; I am thinking "This is not talked by me, it is my indwelling Self Who is remaining in the third eye." He allows me to provide answers to questions. According to your question, I am giving the answer. This is called spiritual talk. Similarly, those who do material work and have ambition to earn money, huge

If you feel some heat,
you can understand
the fire is very near.
Similarly, if you perceive
the Divine sound,
Divine Light
and Divine vibration,
then you are very near
the power of God.


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David Venancio said...

It is almost impossible to acknowledge these teachings without knowing Harahirananda’s teachings through Gonesh Baba.
All these words are beggining to make sense to me.
Only now, I am beginning to walk this path.
Thanks, Sri Harahirananda Gíri.
Thanks, Gonesh Baba.