Message from Paramahamsa Hariharananda

Kriya Yoga meditation is brahma vidya. Vidya means education, to get God-realization. The formless power of God is Brahma. Kriya Yoga meditation is a yogashastra, a yoga scripture. It should be learned from the mouth of a guru, a realized master who has attained the samadhi stage. You are to maintain deepest love and regard for the guru otherwise you cannot come to know Reality. You should be very humble this means bow to him, touch his feet. From his feet the divine power is going directly into your body. And you should practice whole-heartedly, sincerely, deeply, with utmost love and regard. You should be very humble with your guru, and serve him like anything that is your liberation.

You all are true seekers of the supreme almighty Lord who is formless. This is a rare opportunity. This opportunity seldom comes very seldom!

The guru will direct you on how quickly you can reach the divine goal. God is all-pervading. He is remaining in all human beings males and females. But in every human being there is extreme diversity, negatives, falsehood, ups and downs, immorality, lust, debauchery. In every human being there are 50 types of breath, among which 49 are for extrovert qualities in the material world. It is why in the Bhagavad Gita 7:3, it is said that among some thousands, only one perchance is coming for God-realization.

You are hearing this from the fontanel, because the supreme almighty Lord is sitting in your fontanel. And you can reach Him only with a very short breath one count inhalation, one count exhalation. Constant attention in the fontanel. Watch what you are realizing there, in the top of your head. With the shortest, faintest breath. You will feel heaviness, pulsation in the fontanel, which is the living presence of God. Try to realize it in your every breath, that is your liberation, with your eyes open. The more you remain there constantly, you will hear humming, buzzing, rumbling sound. If you add A and U, it will be a conch-blowing sound AUUUUUU coming from a long distance. If you constantly hear that sound, you are constantly free from worldly thoughts free! The sound is coming from a very long distance. Always remain in fontanel for liberation, for your godhood.

You have no sense gradually you are seeing smoky white light all over the universe and foggy-white light, white horse-color light. Gradually you will see the milk-white light. The more you will see, the more your sense of the world will disappear, and you will see the light in the world. At that time you will get pulselessness stage; this is the ultimate goal of all religions. A is causal body, the supreme almighty Lord is remaining in the fontanel. And U is astral body, that is consciousness, super-consciousness, cosmic consciousness. It is remaining above the eyebrows in the forehead. Because you remain there, it is why you hear conch-blowing sound coming from long distance. You all try, you can get God-realization just now.

It is the easiest, simplest, surest, safest technique. If you practice it, you get mathematical, immediate results every time. Because your whole body is God, the supreme almighty Lord. It is written in the Bible in Genesis 1:27 and 2:7. You all practice it. Get the samadhi stage just now. Practically you are to perform it, otherwise you never can get Reality. If you sit near the guru and practice, surely the master will control your whole worldly sense, for your emancipation. Practice it.

If you do not practice it with deepest desire, you can never get it. You require an earnest zeal and whole-hearted attempt. This is brahma vidya.

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