Letter from Baba to Terry L.

For God-realization, your house is the best place.

You are not to go from place to place.

To go from place to place means extreme destruction.

Inside the house calmly sit and search Him, calmly in the head, inside the fontanel, with shortest breath. That will give you reality.

God is one. But religions are many. There are 50 types of breaths and 50 types of dispositions.

Forty-nine types of dispositions will give you restlessness. Only one feeble breath - God is pulling breath.

If you calmly fix your attention in the fontanel you will see illumination, illumination, illumination, everywhere, all around.

God is not remaining in India from street to street. You will only get shortfalls, pitfalls, worries, anxieties and different dispositions and a waste of money if you go. Now you think whether you will sit in your own room in the fontanel or you will move from place to place and spend huge amounts of money. Ten months in India is not a joking matter. It requires huge money and for you to earn this money. In India you cannot earn money.

Waste time with none but God then time will not be wasted.

Be careful of too much distraction. In your own house, in your own room, waste time with none but God.

I want to bow thee unlimited times.

God bless you.

God is not roaming and walking in the streets of India.

Thank you very much.

Blessings with thanks.

If you cannot go then you can get the reality.

humble - Hariharananda

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