Letter from Baba to a Disciple

By Paramahamsa Hariharananda

My Affectionate and Divine Jyoti Ma,

The Supreme Almighty Lord is hiding on top of your head, and inside the head of your family and everyone. He is kindly, graciously inhaling from everybody and giving so many negative qualities. So, you all are to cut off the evil, wrong, immoral sex and debauchery. If He does not inhale from the top, then we are all dead bodies. Knowing this fully well, people are still always engrossed in negative qualities.

Oh Supreme Almighty Lord, please crush, cut off, and erase all of our negative qualities from the lower centers, and put me always on the top from where you are inhaling.

The junction of the three spiritual rivers is remaining on the top. It is called triveni sangam, which means "from the pituitary to the fontanel." Let us constantly drown in that spiritual divine river. Forget all negative things and remain in His positive light. This is the real temple, church, mosque, and synagogue. It is just on the top of every person's head. Please drown and saturate yourselves with the Supreme Lord and worship Him in your whole body, especially on top, in the fontanel.

There are many religions. They are searching for Him by using the five sense organs. For example, someone is reading spiritual books while someone else is going to the church, mosque, or temple. Someone else is worshipping deities: Durga, Shiva, Kali or Tara. Another person is chanting mantras, tantras or yantras. Another is offering an oblation to a divine fire. Someone else is singing songs or touching the body of the deity. Another person is offering many flowers, sprinkling water and giving many fruits to the gods.

God is remaining in the temple, church, mosque, etc. He is in the flower. He is in the fire. Someone is showing the fire to the Lord. Someone is drinking wine and offering a little bread to mankind. But the five sense organs are conducted by the Supreme Lord who is hiding in the fontanel. So, how it is possible to get realization by using the sense organs?

There are 50 types of breath. With 49 breaths, almost all people are in the extrovert stage and committing so many types of mistakes. But there is only one breath which is very short and faint. If you search for Him in the fontanel with that breath, then surely you will get extreme calmness with the shortest breath. [editor emphasis]

It is why the Yogi Hariharananda sings one song:

"Take a very little breath. Search Him inside the head. Take a very little breath. Search Him inside the head. Then you will see milk-white light.
Covering the whole world with divine sight.
Calmly search God in the fontanel.
Surely you will get God-Realization.
Practice Kriya Yoga well."

With the shortest breath no evil is possible. All evils are done with the other 49 varieties of breath. The 50th breath is divine.

Please make a photocopy of this letter and give it to all relatives and friends, and even to your foes. Wherever he may be, he must practice the simplest technique of Kriya Yoga. Then surely he will get calmness, which is Godliness. Every day read this letter and meditate. If your technique is not the simplest, then with that technique you cannot know God. The Kriya Yoga technique is the simplest, easiest, quickest, purest and surest. It will surely give liberation. If you practice it, then surely you will get liberation. For this all human beings are born.

My love, my affection, my oneness, my regard and my blessings to you all,