Baba's 95th Birthday Letter

May 27, 2002

My affectionate and divine Souls,

Time passes away. I am thankful to God and Gurus that I am able to be in this body temple for a period of 95 years to love God and to serve you all. My life is not for me, but for you all. The real purpose of life is to realize God. For this, one should not waste time unnecessarily. Time is God. Utilize every moment of time and every breath. The power of God is inhaling from within. Love God, search and realize God. No one knows how long there will be breath in the body. So, meditate and be advanced in the spiritual path.

I have utilized my life and fulfilled the purpose. My life is a complete life. I remember a saying in Sanskrit:

kshamaya dayaya premna sunritena arjavena ca
vashikuryat jagat sarvam vinayena ca sevaya

Meaning: Conquer the entire world through forgiveness, compassion, love, sweet and pleasant words, simplicity, humility and service.

I have practiced this in my life and I tell you to bring all these values to your life.

Although physically, I am away from you, spiritually I am with you all.

On this day, 27th May 2002, I pray to God and Gurus to bless you all.

You all meditate nicely and enjoy divine bliss.

humble - Hariharananda

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