Entering the Kingdom of Light

By Paramahamsa Hariharananda

Dhanir antar gatam jyotih: if you hear the divine sound, you will see the divine light

jyotir antar gatam bana: when you see the divine light, all body sense, mind, thoughts, ego, intellect are gone

tan mana vilaya jati: when all ego, mind, body sense, thoughts are gone

tad vishnu paramam padam: you see God everywhere. He is penetrating all.

This is not taught anywhere.

God is one. Religions are many and they are teaching by the five sense organs. But Kriya Yoga is only teaching this: close your ears. Calmly hear the sound, then you will see the light and then you will feel the pulsation. When you have no mind, thoughts, body sense, ego, or intellect, then you are really meditating.

In the last line, "vishnu" comes from vishnati, which means, He is penetrating everywhere in your whole system and in the whole world.

Within one to two minutes you will hear the divine sound, then automatically you will see the divine light. Then your body sense, thoughts, ego, intellect disappear. Then you are realized. You will feel the Supreme Almighty Lord in your whole system and in the whole world. Then you are getting the formless stage.

I want to bow to you all. You are all the living God. Thank you.

Humble - Hariharananda

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